The idea for Pier Advisory came about one day at the beach. A man, who would go on to become our founder, sat by the waterfront on a sunny day. He was people-watching, in a non-stalker way, and noticed how the very form of a pier was able to take people from one point of relative safety, to another point which ventured into unknown territory. He also noticed how a pier takes people to a place they could never reach themselves. Or they could, but they might get disoriented, get wet or catch a cold on the way.

This same context applies to the world of work. We don’t want these things to happen to organisations which find themselves in the midst of change, on the verge of an ambitious move across borders, or in need of dynamising (yes, that is now a word) communications and engagement activity to keep the masses on side and on board.

This defines the fundamentals of Pier Advisory. We specialise in strategic communications, change management, cross-border strategies and engaging people. We like to keep our focus on you, the client, by providing our advice, expertise and if required, sleeves-rolled-up yakka in a way which makes practical sense to you, your organisation, and your stakeholders.

The people at Pier Advisory have all worked inside organisations, in senior positions overseeing or leading the areas we now focus on, for many years. Some of them still do, to keep a finger in the door (or a foot on the pulse) on what is going on inside industry today. We have sliced, diced and matricised (yes, another new word) the skills and experiences of our people, which means that you will work with people best placed to help you and your needs.