The octopus is not only considered one of the most intelligent forms of life on the planet, it is also one of the most change-ready. Having begun its change journey over 400 million years ago, the octopus today is equipped with some of the best problem-solving, hunting and defence mechanisms known to science. It demonstrates learned behaviours, a critical ingredient for change.

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One of the first things clients notice when working with a Pier Advisory consultant, is that it’s pretty clear we have actually implemented change before. Rather than being stringent subscribers to academic models and theories of change, at Pier Advisory we understand, respect and appreciate these models but apply them with a pragmatism which can only come from on-the-ground experience in making change happen in organisations.

From our experiences, we have learned that organisations make so much investment – of financial, resourcing and intellectual capital – in organisational change that when challenges arise, management and executive alike can be reluctant to veer from a set-down path, even if the challenge demands a complete rethink.

Whatever stage of change your organisation is at, we are able to work alongside your team to keep the change momentum going. Sometimes you don’t know where to start, or you need help turning a strategy into actions, or you need to get a program or project back on the governance rails.

And sometimes you just need to sense-check what you are doing because it’s all moving so fast.

With organisations now in a constant cycle of change due to the conditions of today’s market, it’s never too early and never too late to get some objective expertise.

At Pier Advisory, we are not here not to preach, dictate or judge progress or decisions. We are here to help.