The prospect and lure of growth into overseas markets is a bit like finding the perfect pearl. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of oysters must be carefully examined before the perfect pearl is found. This process is made easier by employing the knowledge of the best expert divers.

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Many organisations harbor a desire, an aspiration, an intention for cross-border expansion. Quite how to transform from this stage to one of action is where we offer expertise. Through our people having over 15 years of international project experience, we know the people you need to know. Whether it be research, sector contacts, market analysis, cultural awareness or potential affiliations or partners, Pier Advisory has access to a worldwide network of specialist, experienced resources ready to work for you.
A key difference is that Pier Advisory can reach into the markets where you want to be, not from here, but by calling upon contacts based in those markets. The on-the-ground advice we provide helps frame a cross-border strategy for implementation, and can often cast a different light upon an intended course of action. Clients often comment on the reassurance this work provides, even to corroborate the work of their in-house KM departments.
Discretion in the area of cross-border strategies is understood and adhered to by Pier Advisory. For organisations on the outward investment path, or for those receptive to inward investment opportunities from an overseas player, we are positioned to advise you accordingly in complete confidence.