Giving the right signals is key to effective engagement. Penguins communicate only using sign language. They live and travel in large groups, all the time in close proximity to each other. And when extreme conditions set in, they might even huddle together, for months at a time. It all seems to work rather well.

How close are you to your clents, your stakeholders, and your employees? And would they want to huddle with you if there was an adverse event?

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We attach the same level of importance to your efforts to win, grow and retain clients, as we do with you as our client. It’s part of the Pier Advisory approach.

Winning new work is the lifeblood of any business, but in many sectors there is almost an assumption that with a rise in seniority, so follows an automatic enhancement of ability to win work. We understand this is not always the case, and that professional development of your people is an ongoing journey. We look at your pitching processes, starting from the research and KM phase, all the way to the pitch meeting. We can simulate pitch meetings with people derived from the same sector as your target, giving you that real-world insight as to the questions and angles they are likely to leverage in considering your proposal.

Growing a client base is something we in business all aspire to do, but often the pitfalls which can be encountered serve as stark reminders of the importance of a planned, phased approach to generating new income streams. Ensuring your strategic communications are on song is critical, as is identifying your sectoral and disciplinary competencies which best align to fulfilling your growth targets. A comprehensive Target Plan is also something we offer, as we believe that the same diligence given to clients should be given to targets.

Finally, a comprehensive client account plan is something all organisations should have for their key client base. We work with you to profile your existing client base, identify the key decision-makers and map your organisation’s strengths to theirs. We then extend this work to craft real opportunities to be pursued for greater share of wallet, with coaching provided along the way.


We help you identify the important and influential organisations and people you need to know, and map them to recognise your organisation’s strengths and opportunities.

We take a full-circle view of the landscape you are operating in, spot and assess the risks you face, and the issues which need addressing.

Using this knowledge to create a tangible, practical Stakeholder Management Plan ensures that your organisation, at any given time, knows the optimal tactics to apply with a specific stakeholder or stakeholder groups.

We can work with you to simulate meeting scenarios, explain the various communications tools at your disposal for use, and equip you and your people with techniques for navigating the often churlish waves of stakeholder sentiment, which as many will attest, can change at a moment’s notice.

Should you wish to refine your presentation technique to a board, or establish more productive relations with a stakeholder such as a government body, we can leverage our network to present you with a real-life board member, or a former government minister, to help you practice before the real encounter.


Much is spoken about in relation to employee engagement, yet still it is misinterpreted as just a fancier word for internal communications.

Our experts at Pier Advisory will take the time to not only explain the differences, but draw together the latest in established and emerging trends in this area to tailor a solution which means something to you and your organisation, in a bid for optimal traction with your employees.

Pier Advisory can run internal workshops, provide in-house training and assist in the delivery of keynote presentations to staff, drawing upon the years of corporate communications experience from our people.

And we are fast-developing a reputation for our senior management intensive ‘lock-downs’, ensuring the core aspects of an employee engagement program are understood by the leading ambassadors of the organisation, prior to implementation.

Having the right people strategy is crucial to your business. We help organisations develop compelling employment propositions, starting with how to attract the right candidates, through to developing them and ultimately retaining them to create effective succession planning.