We have sliced, diced and matricised (yes, another new word) the skills and experiences of our people, which means that you will work with people best placed to help you and your needs, not allocations which fulfil our internal resource quotas and billing targets.

We put together the best people for your work to form your very own project team, only once you have told us precisely what you need.

Our flat structure means that your first email, skype, tweet, poke or buzz to Pier Advisory will be handled by the same person who will play an integral role in your account.

We bend over backwards to make you comfortable in talking to us. Organisations can feel that it is too hard and daunting to bring in an outside consultant because of the chaotic way things seem to be going behind closed doors.

At Pier Advisory, we are not here not to preach, dictate or judge. We are here to help.


The people at Pier Advisory have worked with, for and alongside major player, mid-cap challenger and start-up organisations in many different sectors including law firms, accounting firms, property consultancies, IT, luxury goods and retail brands, government, higher education, oil and gas, metals and financial services.

Our strength in the four major disciplines we specialise in – strategic communications, change management, cross-border strategies and engaging people – makes our offering translatable to any industry sector. This is because of the way we at Pier Advisory look at the world – you as clients are the technical experts of your organisation. We are the experts in the disciplines you need to get ahead in your sector.


We figure there’s no point in having all this expertise and not sharing it around, particularly with not-for-profit ventures, charities and start-up entrepreneurs, to contribute to the society around us.

We have all needed a leg up at some point in our lives, and at Pier Advisory we are firm believers in returning the favour.

Very soon you will be able to read about some of the work we are doing in this space, once we’ve cleared all the required elements with the powers that be!

This all culminates to define the approach of Pier Advisory. Sure, we offer goods and services, and raise invoices like all the others. The belief in our people is core to how we operate. We have searched the world to find the people we now count as members of the Pier Advisory team. And around the world they are located.

We keep overheads low – no imposing monolithic or even suave-monolithic head office. We’d rather invest in our people travelling to build relationships across sectors, learning the new trends and developments around the world, and bringing them back for the benefit of our client base.

We have a flat yet secure IT hierarchy – whatever a cloud can’t do, is not worth knowing. When you pay a Pier Advisory invoice, you aren’t paying to prop up the corporate side of our business. You are paying only for what you see in front of you – our people, and our knowledge.

The disciplines we specialise in – strategic communications, change management, cross-border strategies and engaging people – are tuned to complement the knowledge you have of your world. And by working together, we hope to make magical things happen.

Collaboration powering momentum.