The dolphin is seen as one of the most intelligent and strategic of communicators. So much so that we humans have come to utilise their ability for military purposes. Whether emitting click or whistle sounds, dolphins are in constant communication with each other, most likely on all forms of subject matter to ensure that every dolphin knows what is going on. A worthy attribute which organisations would benefit from noting.

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If just one organisation takes the time to consider a strategic approach to communications, rather than randomly opting to “get onto a facebook” [sic], as a believed panacea to all their communication ills, then we at Pier Advisory would have done a good day’s work.

This option may in fact be the right tactic for a given objective but knowing that objective, and understanding that any tactic is just one part of a bigger picture, is what we deliver to our clients.

Strategically conveying a message to your audience starts from the vision of your organisation. At Pier Advisory we take this holistic approach to communications.

Whatever your challenge, wherever you are in the cycle, we believe it is important to unpick the story so far and then piece it back to together, discarding any unwanted barnacles which have grown along the way.

This isn’t about deconstruction, it’s about strengthening the foundations before moving to your next phase.

Creating a strategy and associated messaging, cross-sectioning and profiling your audience, devising a strategic, integrated and measurable communications plan – this says it all.

It’s too easy to churn out a newsletter, too simplistic to bash out a press release and bung it on a fax. Because whilst those outputs will come and go, to your clients, stakeholders and employees they leave an indelible mark of your organisation’s DNA.

Isn’t it therefore imperative that you get your communications right, in a way which reflects not only the aspirations of your vision, but the reality of your mission?